Flowing waters and wetland forests

The region to the north of the peatlands ("Stammbeckenmoore") is characterized by its closeness to nature along its wet meadows where its water, partly flowing in bends (meander), enters the "Kalten" (stream with origin Wendelstein mountain and Jenbach).

Before the leaves of deciduous trees sprout in the spring, the ground is covered with plants such as Märzenbecher (Leucojum vernum), Bärlauch (Allium ursinum), Veilchen (Viola), Schlüsselblume (Primula elatior) and – with natural occurance ! – Schneeglöckchen (Galanthus nivalis) giving a wonderful variety of flowers on the forest floor. In the tree layer there is a combination of the trees "Bergahorn" (Acer pseudoplatanus), "Esche" (Fraxinus excelsior), "Stieleiche" (Quercus robur), "Winterlinde" (Tilia cordata) und "Schwarzerle" (Alnus glutinosa

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Mäander an der Kalten Auwald Erlenbruch Akeleiblättrige Wiesenraute Märzenbecher Baumhöhle Biberspuren Biberspuren Wasserfledermaus Hermelin