Natural Environment - Habitats

The project area is made up of expanding bogs.

Where layers of peat are formed without contact to groundwater, experts talk about "raised bogs" (German: "Hochmoore", Bavarian: "Filze"). Especially the peat mining in the raised bogs at the "Abgebrannte Filze" and the "Hochrunstfilze" were of significant economical value during the last 100 years.

Low peat layers with groundwater influence are called "low bogs" (German: "Flachmoore" or "Niedermoore"). The ones in the "Auer Weidmoos" and in the "Kaltenaue" are used for agriculture as for example litter meadows which were often drained and fertilized to utilize as lush green meadows.

In the frequently overflooded wetlands along the Kalten usually just small peat layers (German: "Anmoor") develope. Here natural broad mixed woodland grows. The agricultural use just plays a minor role.

(Photo: R. Schulz)


(Foto: R. Schulz)