(Semi-)Wet Meadows

Nature preservation and environment protection are also cultural protection at the same time. The difference between wet meadows and primitive raised bogs is that wet meadows make up typical farm and cultural landscape and belong to the richest type of biotopes as far as life species are concerned, oftenly giving our homeland the most colorful scenery ! Unfortunatly "Weidmoss" meanwhile turned into one of the last breeding meadow areas in the County of Rosenheim !

Along with the well known "Brachvogel" we also find as another "Wiesenbrueter" "Bekassine (Gallinago gallinago), "Braunkehlchen" (Saxicola rubetra), "Kiebitz" (Vanellus vanellus), "Wiesenpiper" (Anthus pratensis) und "Wachtel" (Coturnix coturnix).

Further there are many species (i.e. 10) of orchids (Orchidaceae family) and also the threatend "Sumpforchidee" that is swamp orchid (Ochis palustris) and the "Glanzstendel (Liparis loeselii").

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Auer Weidmoos Blumenwiese Lungenenzian und Ameisenbläuling Fieberklee Sumpfknabenkraut und Kopfried