Management of litter meadows

The usage of litter meadows is for farmers no longer profitable. Without the traditional autumn haymaking, wilderness would overwhelm and poor tree arts e.g. alder buchthorn, "Faulbaum" (Frangula alnus) and alder (Alnus glutinosa ... incana, viridis), "Erlen" eventually would win the overhand. For this reason the government nature conservation department gives aid in the cutting of wetland meadows.
Run down litter meadows are being "recultivated" in cooperation with farm equipment rings and the sub department for nature conservation in the County of Rosenheim.

Special attention is made on the protection of meadow breeding bird species, especially for the threatend "Brachvogel" (Numenius arquata) and the "Bekassine" (Gallinago gallinago). Usually the nature conservation offices wants to replace free agriculture land with shrubs and trees. In this special case its the opposite, that is the last conserved meadow breeding areas shall be kept protected. Because the meadow breeders require open areas without trees, the replanted brush areas of the last decades get partly cleared down again.

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Auer Weidmoos aus der Vogelperspektive Mähgutverwertung Brachvogel