The LIFE Nature Program of the European Union

LIFE-Nature belongs to the most important measures to achieve nature conservation in which it has already supported 970 nature conservation projects throughout the EU along with candidate countries.
Although the LIFE nature program makes up only a modest part of the complete EU budget, the development of the Natura Network 2000 is nevertheless of great value.

Life-Natur accomplished to recultivate, for example, during 1995-2001, about 350 hectares of dryed up bog in the neighboring "Southern Chiemgau" and restore more than 100 hectares of overgrown wet meadow biotopic regions.

Praktische Erfahrungen bei der Hochmoor-Renaturierung im LIFE-Projekt

Experiences in the restoration of peat bogs
in the EU-LIFE Project "Southern Chiemgau"


Other Bavarian LIFE-Natur-Projekte

Glockenblume / Marsch Bellflower